7 out of 10 girls between the ages of 8 and 13 struggle with self-esteem.

Is your daughter one of them?

It’s Not Always Easy Being a Girl

Young girls need an outlet. Someplace outside of school and home where they are given the tools and resources they need to deal with much of what modern life has to throw at them. Someplace where they can learn how to express themselves to their peers, their teachers, and their parents rather than internalizing it.

Someplace where they can discover who they truly are.

Worthy Girls is a weekly coaching program that gives young girls between the ages of 8 and 13 the safe place they so desperately need at this pivotal time in their lives.

How Worthy Girls Find Their Voice

School is an important part of a young girls development. However, it was never meant to address the social-emotional aspect of growing up. Especially in a world where young girls are bombarded with negative messages on television, in magazines, on the news, and of course on social media that is meant to make them feel “less than.”

To find their voice and learn how to better communicate and be comfortable in their own skin, we support Worthy Girls in three ways:


Your Worthy Girl will get the support she needs from an empathetic and loving coach who will guide her each week throughout the course.


Your Worthy Girl will be given a weekly challenge meant to help her feel good about herself and step towards a more positive mindset.


Your Worthy Girl will have the support and accountability of a community of like-minded girls that help to empower each other.

Worthy Girls develop tools that they will carry with them well into their teenage years and into adulthood.

Is Worthy Girls For Your Daughter?

Worthy Girls Grow Up to Be Worthy Women

My name is Aimee and I am a Girl Empowerment Coach and the creator of Worthy Girls.

As an elementary education teacher, I have experienced first hand the power that is hidden inside each young girl. Their talents. Their individuality. Their strength. And their ability to change the world.

Each school year I would work tirelessly to create a safe place in my classroom for these girls to see themselves and all they have to offer through a new set of eyes. But with all of the testing, curriculum, and deadlines that are required for teachers, it became more and more difficult to address important issues like self-esteem, confidence, gratitude, boundaries, self-talk, and many of the other areas plaguing young girls. Ultimately, it was just too large of a gap that could not be filled by math equations, historical references, or spelling bees.

And that’s when I chose to leave my position as a teacher after 20-years.

Through Worthy Girls, I empower young girls to be strong, confident, brave and heard in a world that is trying to silence them. I teach them that they are worthy of love, friendship, success, happiness, leadership, and anything else that lights them up. I show them that they can imagine or dream or create whatever it is that they want.

This is my passion, my mission. My joie de vivre. This is Worthy Girls.

Becoming a Worthy Girl is a Journey

Every Worthy Girl is given 12 focus areas to build upon in order to find her voice, strengthen her confidence level, and live into her true power.

Do you want all of this for your daughter?

What Parents Are Saying About Worthy Girls

“The other day I overheard my girls talking and one of them said “I NEVER WANT TO MISS MY WORTHY GIRLS CLASS!”

Jennifer M.
Mom of a Worthy Girl

"My girls enjoy Worthy Girls and look forward to class each week. Miss Aimee sends fun and creative activities each month that they enjoy trying out. They have learned about self care which is so important these days. They’re also learning important communication skills and Aimee is a safe adult that they are comfortable talking to about challenges they are facing. We are grateful for the worthy girls program!"

Meghan D.
Mom of a Worthy Girl

“You have identified such an important gap in young girls’ lives. My girls look forward to Worthy Girls every week, they will NOT miss it. Watching their excitement and the looks on their faces is worth every dime. The value they are taking away from the program, priceless.”

Kevin M.
Dad of a Worthy Girl

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping them all work through ‘stuff’.”

Jennifer M
Mom of a Worthy Girl

Is Your Daughter a Worthy Girl?

Worthy Girls is a program that works for every girl, specifically girls that:

If any of these appear to be what your daughter needs, then Worthy Girls is for her.

Isn't Your Daughter Worth It?

Schedule a Free Session with Your Worthy Girl Coach

Working with a coach can be a very intimate experience. Especially when you are talking about a young girl between the ages of 8 and 13.

That’s why the first step in becoming a Worthy Girl is to apply and schedule an interview with me so I can better understand some of the challenges you might be having or some of the opportunities you want to create for your daughter. Because at the end of the day, it all starts with you…her parent, her guardian, her trusted adult.

It is equally as important that you meet me so you can experience first hand the level of knowledge, love, and experience I will be bringing into the life of your daughter.

To book your interview, click the button below and choose a day and time that works best for you. Because we keep our sessions small and intimate, we have limited space so don’t wait too long!

See if Worthy Girls is Right for Your Daughter!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Worthy Girls, we start out by talking about how effective positive self-talk is. Another way to help your daughter build self-esteem and confidence is to provide her with opportunities with new things and ways to challenge herself. Encourage her to set goals for herself and celebrate her achievements, no matter how small. Be a model of self-confidence and positive self-talk for your daughter, providing her with positive reinforcement and praise for her efforts.

It’s super important to enter your daughter’s world, meaning, ask her questions about her. It can be helpful to spend some time identifying the root causes of her low confidence. This may involve addressing any negative beliefs or thought patterns that may be holding her back, as well as providing her with opportunities to build her skills and try new things. Maybe it’s school related, something to do with friends, or the way she sees herself. Encouraging her to set and work towards achievable goals can also be helpful, as this can help her see that she is capable of making progress and achieving success.

To help your daughter be more assertive, encourage her to express her thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. This will only happen in a safe space, so you may need to create that for her. Help her to understand that it is okay to say “no” when she is not comfortable with something, and to set boundaries for herself. It can also be helpful to teach her about respectful communication, as well as modeling assertive behavior for her.

As cliche as it may seem, it can be helpful to encourage her to speak up for herself and to assert her boundaries. Before that happens, however, she needs to understand what boundaries are. Boundaries are “the line between what is me and what is not me; between what they think and what I think; between what they are doing and what I am comfortable with”. Worthy Girls covers this topic in the curriculum and dives deep to help girls understand how to establish their own boundaries. Provide her with strategies for coping with these situations, such as writing down her feelings, seeking support from a trusted adult or finding ways to distract herself from the negative comments. Encourage her to remember that she is not alone and that she has the strength and resilience to overcome these challenges.

It starts with what she hears in her surroundings and who she chooses to surround herself with. One way is to model positive self-talk and body acceptance for her. Encourage her to focus on her strengths and unique qualities, rather than her appearance. Remind here, as often as it takes, that beauty comes from within. It can also be helpful to limit her exposure to media and social media that promotes unhealthy or unrealistic body ideals, and to provide her with age-appropriate information about healthy eating and exercise habits.

What Makes Me Worthy

My name is Aimee Ensign and I am your partner in working with your daughter to be empowered and inspired to stand up strong in her life.

Being a teacher for the better part of 20 years has allowed me to work with young girls from many different walks of life and age groups. I have taught in the city as well as the suburbs of New York. I have taught in rural parts of Tampa. I have taught in wealthy private schools as well as struggling public schools on the verge of being taken over by the state.

With a masters in elementary education, my methodologies have been written up in scholarly books, my classroom has been used as a model for the entire school, and my approach has been studied by other budding teachers. I have broken up fights, created a running club, brought culture into the classroom, and gave underprivileged kids a night at Carnegie Hall to experience The New York Pops.

I have spent my life celebrating young girls on their academic success and I have dried the tears and hugged the pain away of young girls losing their homes. I have seen it all. I have felt it all.

And as a parent of a young woman I also know what mothers and fathers are going through when dealing with young girls and the challenges that come with raising a young woman in this world today.

It is my passion to make sure that young girls everywhere know their worth. Know how powerful they really are. Know how to use their voice in a world that is trying to silence them.

That’s who I am to the core.

Because I am Worthy.